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Do you need a friendly and reliable team of professionals to offer a complete piling and foundation package for your property?

If so, look no further than Mil Piling and Foundation Contractors. As a family business with a combined 30 years of experience in supplying expert foundations and mini piling in London and across the UK, we are on hand to provide personalised, user-friendly solutions to homeowners and commercial entities. Our team of friendly, fully qualified and insured professionals can undertake a complete in-house design, tailoring our service to suit the precise needs of you and your property.




Give yourself peace of mind and save yourself money by using Mil Piling and Foundation Contractors as a single point of contact for all your piling and foundation needs.

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  Mini Steel Cased Driven Piles

Our mini steel cased driven piles ensure that no soil or groundwater enters the casings and leaves a watertight finish that produces minimal waste. Once the pile has achieved the stated target, the pile is then reinforced in accordance with the design we agreed with you. A straightforward, highly cost-effective solution for lighter loads, along with being flexible given that piles and casings can be easily cut or lengthened. Useful for restricted access sites and the best option for contaminated ground. The whole process is second nature to our team of experienced experts.

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  Mini Open Bore Auger Piles

This is an ideal piling method for soils such as clay and silt, where there is no groundwater and a stable bored hole can be formed. Open bore auger piling is often used to support structures requiring the highest possible load-bearing capacity. The process is managed from start to finish by our trustworthy team and produces minimal vibration, causing no disruption to nearby buildings and underground services. This method allows for a greater range of sizes and depths of piles, so you can be sure that we have an open bore piling solution that suits your particular needs.

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  Screw Piles

Screw piles offer many advantages. They can be quickly installed and uninstalled in limited access sites, and loads can be applied immediately after installation. Minimal noise, zero vibration, and highly cost-effective.

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  King Post Piling

Fast to construct, cheaper compared with other retaining systems, highly versatile, and adjustable to suit any changes you ask for. King posts are extremely useful for basements, embankment retentions, and flood defence walls. Posts can be built off-site and brought to you.

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  Mini Hollow Stem Injected Segmental Auger Bored Piles

Effective for limited site access and limited headroom and vibration free. Used on clay or chalk grounds due to the necessity for boreholes to remain open with no water strikes or gravels.

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  Piled Retaining Walls

Plied retaining walls are ideal for basement construction and building effective extensions for your home. Often the quickest and most cost-effective method of constructing retaining walls.

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  Ground Beams

Ground beams are the most popular way of linking piles together, with installation of ground beams providing a platform for further superstructure construction.

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  Associated Groundwork

Our team of friendly professionals are more than capable of tackling the necessary groundwork that goes with our mini piling in London, from site clearance to excavations to drainage installation.

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  Structural Alterations

You may require some slight structural alterations to king posts or retaining walls, and we are always on hand to quickly and effectively modify the height or position of a structure.

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  Underpinning Traditional

We can also employ the traditional method of underpinning through soil replacement, which can be useful when the current structure has sufficient strength to span over the underpinning pits.

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  Mini Piled Underpinning

Extremely useful when firm soil layers are too deep and surface sol is too weak to bear loads, ensuring that your construction is completely secure.

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  Mini Piled Temporary Works for Basement Construction

Mil Piling and Foundation Contractors has strong experience when it comes to using temporary piled reinforced beams and other necessary tools to support your building while basement construction works are taking place, removing them efficiently once work is completed.

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Are you a homeowner or insurance company in need of experienced, trustworthy mini piling in London, Yorkshire and other areas across the UK? If so, call Mil Piling and Foundation Contractors for a bespoke and user-friendly service.